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30 Years of Experience in the Sector

Bozalioglu Building Engineering and Forestry Products, Industry, Trade Ltd. Co. is a family corporation located in Denizli, Turkiye. Its background goes back to at least 100 years because the owners’ big grandfathers earned their living by carpentry. At present, the fifth generation of the family has been in charge of the plant. While producing some carpentry products in a small workshop in 1980s, it started to produce cable drums and packing palettes in 1986. It moved to its own previous small plant in 1997, and made it products spread out. It became a limited corporation in 2003, which is a member of Denizli Chamber of Commerce.


Its basic principle is to follow technological development and innovations while producing and employing. In 2007, our corporation moved to its new place where it became a modern plant which has been equipped with new machines with computers. The plant covers 4.000m² closed places in 15.000 m² of plant area. All wood products have been treated heat in our own furnace where located in plant area. Bozalioglu Ltd. Co. employs 70 people. Recently we have had ISO 9001, OHSAS and ISO 14001 certificates.